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Get Yourself Out of the Weeds!

Sometimes days go by and I feel like I am in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” (remember that classic?). I am running around blades of grass and trying to avoid giant obstacles popping up everywhere. My vision is blinded by the handful of tasks directly in front of me. I’m operating deadline to deadline with no perspective. Processes do not change, I am simply stuck ...

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Overcoming Fear of Accountability

We all know the power of planning. Our Twitter feeds are filled with ideas on how to plan, what to plan, and when to plan. We know it should be a priority. The reality is, it is really difficult to gather the right people in one room during the summer months with enough focus to generate a comprehensive communications plan for your school. Unexpected emergencies ...

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Using Calls to Action to Guide Customers

After you have effectively segmented your admission cycle with your admissions and communications teams, you will need to figure out the best way to drive prospective families from one stage to the next. Effective implementation of Calls to Action (CTAs) on your website and in email marketing efforts is critical to shepherding your prospective families through the ...

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