We specialize in helping schools understand their internal and external branding by reinforcing value propositions through creative content across mediums in a cohesive communication plan that spans enrollment marketing, internal communications, and advancement communications. What help does your school need? 

Enrollment Marketing Strategy

  • Develop a plan to intentionally guide families through your admissions process.
  • Build a complex nurturing scheme for each family as they navigate your enrollment and re-enrollment processes.
  • Integrate your enrollment marketing plan into your overarching marketing/communications plan.
  • Proactively address prospective family ‘pain points’ throughout the enrollment and re-enrollment processes.
  • Use thought leadership inbound marketing content as lead generation opportunity.

Content Audit and Strategy

  • Develop an overarching content plan for your communications/marketing team.
  • Utilize integrated video, podcasts, blog posts, and visual images, and social media strategy across departments.
  • Create content specific to your marketing personas.
  • Build a long-term, mission-centric content strategy for your school.

Internal communication strategy:

  • Help your faculty understand the importance of your marketing efforts.
  • Ensure consistent messaging across departments and programs by turning your faculty into content generators.
  • Develop intentional communications plan that balances the communication of Return on Investment to families with education of the student.
  • Leverage internal expertise through development of thought leadership content.


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