What’s In Your Quiver?

Posted on February 3, 2017

Content is king. To be specific, remarkable content is king. This is the case across industries, and even in the curation of our personal lives on social media. It is especially true when considering large purchases like an independent school education. We are drawn to remarkable content like a moth to a flame. We click on the videos or images that possess ‘another level’ of attraction. (I dare you to click on National Geographic’s Instagram account and ignore their posts.)

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As schools, we all follow each other’s social media pages. We obsessively check out each other’s websites for news stories, videos, and updated content. Sadly, so much of the content across the industry is similar. School years follow remarkably similar trajectories. We celebrate Head’s Holiday each winter, post scores to games every Wednesday and Saturday, highlight guest speakers on MLK Day, showcase our STEAM programs, spotlight the arts each term when our drama program puts on a show, and of course shine a bright light on the diversity of our relatively homogenous campuses. Our subject matter is rarely unique, which is why we must place a premium on producing remarkable content that truly differentiates us from our peers.  

At Proctor Academy, when we work alongside our admissions office to brainstorm content for our inbound marketing initiative, we imagine ourselves as archers choosing our next arrow in hopes of landing a bulls-eye. We know that each family that walks through our admissions office door has a unique story. They were drawn to Proctor for one reason or another. Each family has a unique problem we have the opportunity to solve. But, do we have the right content arrow in our quiver to begin solving it?

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As you work to develop a content strategy for your school, consider the arrows you already have in your quiver. Are they really broad arrows that won’t fly straight? Or are they precision flyers with a direct target in their sites? Do you have only a handful of arrows for a very specific set of uses? Or have you worked intentionally to create a wide array of different types of arrows that will serve your entire constituency?

If you haven’t done so already, take time to evaluate your quiver and to look critically at whether or not you have remarkable content that is going to speak to your prospective families in a way that will begin solving their pain points before they can even articulate them.

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